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Empowering Differences: My Story in Coral Gables Magazine!

Empowering Differences: My Story in Coral Gables Magazine!

by Isabella Duarte-Crespo

I'm feeling so grateful for the chance to spread the message that it's okay to be different, to have a disability. It's all about embracing our differences and empowering each other.

I just wanted to share this incredible experience with all of you. It was seriously the coolest thing ever to have the opportunity to share my story with the Coral Gables magazine. 

Coral Gables Magazine

The article shines a spotlight on some really important aspects of my journey, like my passion for advocating for inclusivity and empowerment. It talks about how we're making a difference with Hidden Innovations, providing solutions for kids and teens facing unique challenges. 

Bella Duarte Crespo featured in the Coral Gables Magazine

Thank you to the amazing Coral Gables community for your support and for letting me share my story. Together, we're making the world a more inclusive place, one hoodie at a time!

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