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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a unique product. My Private Pocket underwear has hidden pockets that have multiple uses for children with incontinence problems. Both pockets can be used to store sanitary supplies such as pads, catheters, spare undies and lines. The other benefit to My Private Pocket is that one of the pockets converts into a waterproof pouch, storing the same underwear if soiled. It’s a lifesaver! Having these pockets in your underwear gives you confidence knowing that you are ready for any emergency that might happen.

This product was created by our daughter for other kids. She has been a part of every decision, from the name to the textile design, package design, company’s mascot etc. By having her involved in the process, we are including a kid’s perspective into our underwear, making sure other kids who suffer from incontinence and bladder control issues can enjoy it without being self-conscious. It is fun, functional underwear for children, unique in a way that helps kids feel secure and confident with their body.

Yes, it’s coming soon! To sign up for launch date click here >

In researching our clients we identified a need to help women with incontinence problems, weak pelvic floor muscles and bladder control issues. This is an exciting time for Hidden Products and we can’t wait to share the new line with you.


Our headquarters are in Miami, Florida.

Our phone number is +1 (305) 310-1059

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We accept all major credits cards (AMEX, VISA, MC), MetaPay, ApplePay and Google Pay. 

Absolutely! We have a strong relationship with a philanthropic organization in Colombia that houses abused and neglected children. We are donating merchandise and gifts to these children. Additionally, we are in the process of setting up a portion of My Private Pocket sales to donate to organizations and hospitals that provide services and programs to children and adults with Spina Bifida. These donations will be used to enhance their lives through research, advocacy, education, and support.

Yes, we do ship internationally. Please contact our Customer Service at for a shipping quote.