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How to Create a First Period Kit for Your Daughter

How to Create a First Period Kit for Your Daughter

If your daughter is 10, you need to start thinking about getting ready for her first period. To help your daughter feel confident for when her period starts, make an emergency period kit! It is a great addition to her backpack or school locker.

The average age of menarche in the US is 12, but some girls can start their periods as early as 8. So as soon as you start noticing physical changes in your daughter, you should start the conversation about puberty and periods. And a great way to start it for you and your daughter is making her period bag for school together.

Here is the list of supplies that will make your daughter feel prepared:

1. A little bag for all the supplies to carry with her to school.

A pouch should be big enough to hold all necessary items, but not too big to fit into the backpack and to be carried comfortably to the bathroom. 

To The Rescue Pouch by Hidden is a perfect size to fit all necessary supplies. It can be attached to the backpack. And the neutral design makes the purpose of it's content not so obvious. Your child would prefer something that doesn't attract attention and looks like everyday item. 

First Period Kit

2. Sanitary pads

Choose quality products with good absorbency from well known brands. It will take time to get used to the flow and routine. The good absorbent pads will help to avoid the leakage.

3. Feminine wipes

Individually packaged wipes specially designed for female hygiene will help to keep the area clean and avoid the rash or infection. Educate your daughter not to flash them in the toilet, but discard into the trash bin. 

4. Extra pair of underwear 

You can use regular underwear, or an extra thin bikini, that don't take a lot of space and can be carried discreetly, like My Back Up Underwear by Hidden

5. Sanitizer

It is important to wash hands with soap before and after visits to the bathroom. But sanitizer would be a great addition in case the sink and soap are not available. 

6. App for the phone to track the periods

The calendar can be a very useful tool to understand the cycles for your daughter, predict the periods and other symptoms like fatigue, headaches and mood swings. Make sure to research the apps, so they are age appropriate for tweens and teens. 

7. Underwear with pockets to hold supplies handy

If carrying a pouch to the bathroom can be a problem, or a backpack is not available, My Private Pocket Underwear by Hidden can become a lifesaver for girls! It has two secret pouches sewn into the inside of the waistband to discreetly carry emergency supplies such as liners, spare undies and wipes. One of the pockets has waterproof lining and can be converted into a pouch to store soiled underwear.


First Period Kit

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