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Parent to Parent Advice: Talking to your daughter about menstruation

As Isabella’s mother I have had to face this conversation with my daughter over the years. I have experimented and have been given advice on ways to successfully talk about this sensitive topic. I have also done my own research on early menstruation and it turns out that puberty begins earlier than once thought. Rather it is common to start puberty in late childhood. The average age in the USA is 12 years old although there are girls starting their periods at 8 years old. The best advice I was ever given on this topic is to make sure you prepare your daughter for what is coming, the earlier you start this conversation the better and the smoother the experience is for her.

Tips to prepare your daughter

Identify the signs 

There are few signs to look for that will help you identify the early stages of your daughter’s menstruation. I noticed that my daughter began to develop mood swings and saw signs that her body was developing. Being aware to look out for these signs really helped me start the conversation with Isabella at the right time. If I was not looking out for these signs I would have probably missed my opportunity to chat with her about what was happening to her body. 


A lot of parents I speak to say that these conversations are frightening and they do not know how to bring it up with their daughter/s. Thus I have some tips to help you out! 

Start slowly.

Introduce it at an early age so as to minimize the SHOCK factor. Slowly introduce the ideas and concepts to her as she is growing up. Books are a great tool to use if you need help on how best to communicate with your daughter and what you should tell her at different stages in her life. 


Explain to your daughter exactly what is happening to her body and provide her with a safe environment for her to pen up and ask questions. Remember to consider how you talk about your own period in front of her, make sure to be positive about it, rather than negative as that could lead to her avoiding the topic. As you communicate with her and discuss the beauty of why women get periods, try to also communicate the excitement of a period and what that means for her future. The ability to have children one day and start her own family. Embrace that femininity and show her that it is a beautiful gift, not something cruel, painful and inconvenient. 

Be Empathetic. 

Make sure to also empathize with your daughter as she goes through this emotional and life changing experience. Be there to support her when she is in pain, give her space when she is trying to figure out all the hormonal changes and give her the attention she needs when she wants to talk or has questions. 

A friend of mine recommended a book called The Care and Keeping of You. It was a great resource that assisted the both of us to bring up the topic and answer any questions she had. We read a chapter before bed and I answered any questions she had. It really made the conversation so much easier. Also having My Private Pocket gave her the confidence she needed as she was prepared! 

Be Ready. 

As this is their first period it is important to have the products ready to go. Pads are popular for their first period as tampons take time for young girls to get used to. Also consider sending your daughter to school with extra supplies and spare clothes just in case the period leaks. It is so important to try and minimize the embarrassing mishaps. Wearing My Private Pocket will allow for these young ladies to be prepared without anyone noticing. The underwear pockets can hold spare undies, tampons, pads, liners and more. It is perfect for young ladies who want to deal with their leak in privacy and without anyone knowing. Thus, minimizing the level of embarrassment. Watch our My Private Pocket video to see how these undies can help your daughter during this time. 

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