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Understanding Incontinence in Children

What is incontinence? 

Incontinence is a term used to describe the accidental or involuntary leakage of urine or stool.  Although many people with incontinence issues become embarrassed around the subject, it’s surprising to know that over 13 million Americans experience bladder or bowel control issues.  That’s 1 in 25 people!

For children incontinence or daytime wetting affects about 17-20% of children. Usually these children are aged 5 and older who have been potty trained. 

What causes incontinence?

Incontinence can be caused by a number of factors. Children at times are blamed for being lazy or seeking attention but there might be more to the bathroom accident. We created My Private Pocket because my daughter suffered from incontinence that resulted from Spina Bifida Occulta. Other children may suffer from incontinence caused by general issues that include:

  • A child ignoring the need to urinate or release their bowels
  • A child has an overactive bladder and can’t get to the bathroom in time
  • A child has an under-active bladder and does not have the urge to go to the bathroom
  • Constipation and the full bowel is pressing on the bladder
  • Child may have a urinary tract infection

Children suffering from a variety of conditions may notice that they have incontinence issues including:

  • Spina Bifida Occulta
  • Encopresis
  • Tethered Spinal Cord
  • Chrohn’ s disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Multi Sclerosis (MS) 

What are behaviors associated with incontinence in children?

  • Immediately need to go to the bathroom
  • Urinate constantly throughout the day
  • Urinary infrequency
  • Incomplete bladder and bowel release - children do not completely empty their bladder or bowels during the day
  • Holding their bladder or bowels by squatting or squirming to avoid an accident

How is Hidden Underwear assisting those with incontinence issues?

Children who have difficulty controlling their bladder or bowel movements should not feel insecure or just want to stay at home. There are many things to help them manage this issue. 

At Hidden Underwear we have created My Private Pocket for children suffering from incontinence issues. Reusable and washable incontinence underwear with private pockets to hold the necessary products designed for children. 

undies for children with incontinence

More about the pockets?

These patent pending pockets in our underwear allow for children to discreetly hold supplies that assist them when an accident occurs - whether urinary or bowel. This idea came from our own experience! Our daughter Bella suffers from Spina Bifida Oculta and has struggled with incontinence for some time. There was no great solution on the market and therefore we decided to create My Private Pocket. After 4 years of trying different designs and ideas, this one worked! We hope it is as effective for your children too. 

The pockets are great to place a long liner on a daily basis and will cover the back of your child’s underwear. In the underwear pockets you can carry:

  • 1 or 2 liners

  • 1 individual wipe

  • 1 catheter and 

  • 1 backup underwear (Girls & Boys). 

Now your child can change whenever they need, feeling confident knowing that they have the supplies close at hand and no one needs to know. 

We also have a pouch that your child can carry inside their lunch bag, backpack or hidden inside the pocket of their hoodie. This pouch fits:

  •  2 liners

  • 1 wipe

  • 1 compact catheter

  • 1 potpourri spray

  • 1 backup underwear and

  • 1 plastic bag. 

All this in a small hidden pouch so that whenever your child is in a public place or at school they can go to the bathroom, clean up and change discreetly. It’s your child’s new super power! 

If you’d like to see our entire range of incontinence underwear and supplies visit our products page here.

Coming soon!

We are in the process of creating more products for children and new products for women who suffer from incontinence. More information on the launch date is coming soon! Keep visiting our website or follow us on social media to see regular updates on our Hidden Products for those suffering from incontinence. 

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